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Free Developmental Screenings

Early Childhood Education Center: Free Developmental Screenings

The Early Childhood Education Center in the Lincoln County R-III School District offers FREE Developmental Screenings for ALL children, ages 6 months to kindergarten entry, living within District boundaries.

Screenings can help parents of young developing infants and children have peace of mind. The free program, offered by Parents as Teachers, is designed to confirm whether a child's development is on track, aiding in early detection of any health, hearing, vision or developmental concerns. Early detection can have a profound impact on the quality of a child's life.

Our screeners' monitor a child's development and assess several areas of growth including, but not limited to:

  • Social development: How well your baby/ child relates to other people and takes care of his/her own needs.
  • Motor development: How well your baby moves their large and small muscles to scribble, grasp, walk, reach, etc.
  • Language development: How well your baby/ child listens to words, follows directions and tries to talk.

The FREE development screenings can be scheduled at a time convenient for your family. The Early Childhood Education Center offers day and evening appointments at the center, which is conveniently located at 1601 S. Main Street. Screenings take approximately one hour.

Contact the Early Childhood Education Center at 636-462-3020 to set up an appointment TODAY!